Prints can be mounted to many types of materials. Most common types include: Foam board, Gatorboard, Sintra, Plexiglass, and wood-based boards.

Foam board

  • Most common mounting material
  • Least expensive media to mount prints
  • Lightweight, low cost to ship.
  • Available in various thickness, 3/16" to 1/2"
  • Available in white (standard) and black. Can warp.


  • A close second to foam board in popularity
  • Looks like foamboard, and is similar in weight.
  • Available in white and black, 3/16" and 1/2"
  • More rigid than foam board. Less likely to wrap.
  • Less likely to warp in humid conditions


  • A hard plastic material.
  • Flexible, depending on thicknesses
  • Available in many thicknesses (2mm to 1/2")
  • Heavier than foam and gatorboard.
  • Water resistant (good for outdoor use)

Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast, Plasticore)

    Lightweight plastic board with rigids (corrugated). Typically used for outdoor signs and used for many lawn signs, golf sponsor signs as well as temporary building signs, real estate signs)

Trimming your prints for a professional look

After prints are mounted to the board of your choice, we carefully trim the print and board together for a nice, clean edge. You may specify for us to leave a white border, or trim to the edge of the image (or color). Our standard practice is to trim to the edge of the image.

Boards come in many sizes. We often try to help you choose board and poster size configurations to help maximize your budget. There are many cases where a 1/2" decrease in width or height can save you money on both the prints and the mounting costs. Usually this makes no difference in your intended appearance, unless the print needs to be an exact size for framing purposes. Please consult a sales representative for the best combination for you and your budget. We are always thinking to help our customers!

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